• Bowland 27 April

    I’ve just spent the day checking part of the estate for harriers, and also ring ouzels (also a bit of a passion of mine). From home I could see that the hills were shrouded with low cloud, but the forecast was for a significant improvement (fool that I am, I believed them!).
    At the car park, packing my rucksack, I realised that I’d not brought anything to drink (more fool!). So it was off to the local shop to buy…
    • 28 Apr 2010
  • Bowland 21 April

    Well the last week has been a hive of activity for the harriers, if not for me, sat watching them. If, like us in Bowland, you enjoyed pretty much unbroken sunshine, you can understand why the hen harriers perhaps decided to take advantage of the good weather.
    For over a week they have been sky dancing like mad, sometimes with as many as three birds dancing at the same time! This forms part of their display to prospective…
    • 21 Apr 2010
  • Bowland 13 April

    Time really flies, doesn’t it? It only seems a matter of weeks ago since I was here trying to thinking of interesting things to write. Anyway, it’s spring, the hen harriers are back on the United Utilities estate, and fieldwork is well underway!

    The winter, as in most places, was pretty spectacular in Bowland. In the week before Christmas we measured well over a 35cm of snow in the first batch to fall on…

    • 13 Apr 2010