Hope Farm profit

Keep seeing RSPB staff telling us how great Hope Farm combines very profitable farming and large increases in bird populations.Well I am sure you have the figures so let us have the proof please of RSPBs share of Hope Farm profit after the partner has his share,thanks in anticipation. 

  • Hello Sooty - the annual Hope Farm accounts are always publically available.  Anyone who is interested in seeing the detail can just email the Hope Farm Manager (ian.dillon@rspb.org.uk) to request a copy.  We are in the final stages of producing the latest accounts, so you can either have those in the next few weeks as soon as they are ready, or the previous year's now, or both!  Also there is a page on our website (www.rspb.org.uk/.../accounts.aspx), which is a bit out of date in terms of detailed harvest profits, but the information about the contract (i.e. the percentage split between the RSPB and contractor) remains unchanged.  You are also welcome to visit Hope Farm to see things in action and discuss the operation in more detail - again just email Ian to arrange a visit.

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    Hi Heather (and staff),

    Just responding to this post 9 years later... but I had another question about Hope Farm.

    How do visitors go about accessing the farm now? Can the public only look around during the annual Open Day?

    I for one would be interested in seeing the site for myself
  • Hello, I have just joined the Farming forum and am keen to know more about Hope farm. Unfortunately I can't find any really up to date information.
    Also, it's not likely that I will be able to visit Hope farm in the near future, especially with the current pandemic situation. Might it be possible for the RSPB to make a video about the farm, with possibly some drone footage of a fly over the land area?
  • I’ve checked Facebook and there is no RSPB Hope Farm Facebook website. There is an RSPB Hope Farm Twitter Account, but that hasn’t been updated since about June 2019. Lots of the separate RSPB reserve blogs where regularly updated when the RSPB Forum launched. But over quite a number of years lots of the RSPB Forum reserve Blogs are now never updated, and quite a number very infrequently and only a small number of the RSPB reserve blogs are updated regularly. The RSPB are now concentrating replies from members of there reserve staff mainly on Facebook and Twitter. Two reserves in North East England, Saltholme now only have staff posting in that reserves blogs very very infrequently now and Coquet Island have never had any blogs for about 4-5 years, possibly more. Saltholme used to have regular weekly blogs on this forum, but not for about 3-4 years again spending there time on Facebook and Twitter, just as the Wardens on Coquet Island as well. More individuals use Facebook and Twitter sadly now and the RSPB seem to be concentrating with staff and volunteers at RSPB reserves mainly replying on Facebook and Twitter.



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    Thanks for the update Thomo. I can't find the Hope Farm Twitter account. It's understandable that the RSPB is concentrating on Facebook and Twitter but it seems a shame if this community is pretty dead in the water. It's a shame that there aren't more regular updates on Hope Farm to raise awareness, though I understand 'Friends of Hope Farm' who contribute (I just given my support) get a newsletter.