• Yes to nature-friendly farming!

    The end of the year brings to a close a pioneering three-year project that we’ve been leading in the Fens. The big aim has been to raise awareness of nature-friendly farming in the Ouse Washes landscape, which is a particularly rich area for farmland wildlife, particularly birds.

    Image: Turtle doves on machinery (rspb-images.com) 

    We’ve done this by working with a group of 12 farmers, whose land covers an impressive…

    • 20 Dec 2016
  • Know your birds for the Big Farmland Bird Count

    With just three months until the 4th Big Farmland Bird Count, the GWCT is offering an exciting opportunity for those farmers who are thinking of taking part to book on to a farmland bird identification training session. If you’re a farmer and not confident about telling a Tree sparrow from a House sparrow this course could be for you.

    Jim Egan of the GWCT comments; “If you can’t name every bird you see on your…

    • 9 Dec 2016
  • Latest corn bunting research finds simple solution

    In case you missed it, there's exciting news from our research teams looking at solutions to help corn buntings - check out the findings from this latest research here. Could this work on your farm?

    • 7 Dec 2016
  • Congratulations to top wildlife-friendly farmer in the Fens

    It's always great to hear when farmers we work with are recognised for their efforts for wildlife - and this year's Farmers Weekly Awards gave us all a reason to be cheerful.

    The Fens is one of the main areas in East Anglia for growing cereal and horticultural crops, but amongst all those crops, there is still room for farmland wildlife to flourish. Award winner Michael Sly has proven just that and wants the…

    • 6 Dec 2016