• Villagers turn wildlife heroes for turtle doves and skippers

    I'm always impressed when a community pulls together for a cause they feel strongly about. Recently I helped organise a local wildlife walk in one of Warwickshire's more rural villages, and the nearby farmers, as well as villagers, certainly...
    • 31 Jul 2013
  • Giving nature a home on the Cornish Coast

    By Kev Rylands, Farmland Conservation Adviser

    Charlie Watson Smyth and his family have been farming along the Cornish coast for generations and are worthy South West winners of this year’s Nature of Farming Award.  Claire Mucklow, the Cornwall Chough project manager introduces the scene...

    Walking around a corner of Tregirls Farm yesterday I couldn’t stop smiling and wished there was someone else with me to share…

    • 26 Jul 2013
  • Giving nature a home

    If you've been watching TV this last couple of weeks, I hope you managed to catch our fabulous new TV advert.  If not, you can see it here:

    http://vimeo.com/69548315The whizzy TV advert kicked off our new campaign 'Giving Nature a Home'

    You will see that the big focus for our campaign is to encourage people everywhere - including those in cities with small gardens - to do a bit for nature in their garden…

    • 25 Jul 2013
  • In The Zone

    It’s good to be part of something special, a special band of people making a real change for the better. Isn’t that what people want to be ultimately? Belonging to a special community or a niche of society that others can look upon and admire? For instance I wanted to be a Jedi when I was younger, I still really want to be one but despite my best efforts, I still can't move the TV remote with my mind or use a Jedi mind…

    • 20 Jul 2013
  • Nicholas Watts gives nature a home

    Nicholas is a top chap and his farm is full of farm wildlife, a real pleasure to visit. Nicholas constantly comes up with new ways of creating habitat, not frightened to try something new but equally not afraid to admit when things need to change. I always enjoy our conversations about farm wildlife, particularly corn bunting, a species both Nicholas and I have a passion for. Nicholas has a profitable farm business that…

    • 17 Jul 2013
  • Rush management and breeding waders

    Guest blog by Gavin Thomas, Conservation Adviser Bowland Wader Project

    Lapwing nesting in an area of mown rush

    I recently helped deliver an event for farmers in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland AONB (Area of Natural Beauty) on rush management. There are various methods employed to tackle rush but not all sit well with management for wading birds! So with support from a colleague from Natural England, I was charged…

    • 9 Jul 2013
  • Looking out for lapwings

    Posted on behalf of Michael MacDonald, Senior Conservation Scientist.

    In 2012 and 2013, the RSPB has been involved (in partnership with the GWCT) in a project investigating whether fallow plots that have been put in place under agri-environment schemes are effective in increasing the number of chicks fledged.

    Fallow plots are lightly tilled in early spring to provide bare earth and sparse low vegetation in the lapwing…

    • 8 Jul 2013
  • In case you missed it.....

    Apologies for the delay in bringing this to you.  Technology can have its glitches....  But check out Martin's blog yesterday for our thoughts on the latest news on CAP reform.  

    • 5 Jul 2013