RSPB Scotland’s Allie McGregor shares five nature highlights of Scotland’s spring.

5 spring spectacles in Scotland


For a short but sweet time from around April to May, many of our Scottish forests burst into new colour with hundreds of bluebells popping up, carpeting our woodlands. For many, the magical scenes this creates are synonymous with spring.

bluebells on forest floor

RSPB Loch Lomond Credit: Helen Pugh (

If you’re seeking a picturesque bluebell scene try heading to Loch Lomond or Wood of Cree.


A tell-tale sign that spring is on its way is when frogspawn begins to appear. Frogspawn usually starts to appear in February and March. Look for the jelly-like clusters just below the surface of the water in ponds and streams, especially amongst reeds by the water’s edge.

close up of frogspawn

Seabird colonies

It wouldn’t be a list of nature highlights without mentioning Scotland’s amazing seabird colonies. Gannets, razorbills, guillemots, kittiwakes and puffins are among those who begin to arrive at nest sites. Many seabird colonies in Scotland are made up of thousands.

seabirds perched all over a cliff face

RSPB Troup Head Credit: Andy Hay (

Fowslheugh, Sumburgh Head, Troup Head and Dunnet Head are some of the spots to go to see Scotland’s seabirds.

Dolphin and whale watching

It’s not just our seabirds that make our marine environment so special - Scotland’s waters are home to several species of dolphin, whale, and porpoises. Some of the most commons species you might spot in spring are harbour porpoise and bottlenose dolphins. You can also look out for other marine animals such as harbour seals and grey seals.

If our marine life is one of your favourite spectacles make sure to put the 15th – 19th of April into your diary for our #DolphinFest celebrations!

tile shows dolphin and reads save the date dolphinfest april 15 to 19


Bees are usually one of the first insects to appear in spring and what says ‘spring’ more than the humming of bees as they dance through a wildflower meadow? More than 100 species of bee have been recorded in Scotland.

You can make your garden a haven for bees by building them shelter and planting flowers they love!

bee on flower

Credit: Grahame Madge (