• Five facts you need to know about Big Garden Birdwatch

    Five facts you need to know about Big Garden Birdwatch

    It’s getting closer to one of our favourite times of year: Big Garden Birdwatch! The 2018 survey is nearly upon us and many of you have already registered to take part. If you haven’t already you can do so here. We love hearing from you over the three days of Birdwatch about the feathered visitors you’ve recorded in your gardens. In the run up to the…

    • 14 Jan 2018
  • A Pine Example of a Scottish Icon

    This is the final post in a six part blog series about rare insects in the Cairngorms. A new project launched last year to save six endangered invertebrates in the north of Scotland and project officer Gabrielle Flinn has been a closer look at each one of these species. This time, it's the turn of the pine hoverfly. The Rare Invertebrates in the Cairngorms project is a partnership involving RSPB Scotland, the Cairngorms…

    • 11 Jan 2018
  • Five facts you need to know about blue tits

    Blue tits are lively, attractive little birds that live in wooded areas and regularly turn up in gardens, particularly if there are peanuts on offer. The vivid blue cap sets this bird apart from other tits, making it relatively easy to identify. The great tit, as the name suggests, is bigger and coal tits have no blue, green, or yellow on them. Up to 750,000 pairs of blue tits nest in Scotland and they are found all…

    • 8 Jan 2018