• Cheerful chirps and boisterous behaviour

    Jenny Tweedie, from RSPB Scotland, brings you this blog on how house sparrows are fairing in Scotland and a helpful guide on telling the different types of sparrow apart in time for this year's Big Garden Birdwatch!

    Cheerful chirps and boisterous behaviour

    With their cheerful chirps, and boisterous birdfeeder behaviour, house sparrows remain one of our commonest and best loved garden birds. Year after year, they…

    • 22 Jan 2016
  • Crook of Baldoon: building a nature reserve

    Have you ever wondered how nature reserves come to be? RSPB Scotland purchased a piece of land known as Crook of Baldoon six years ago and this is the story of how we've been transforming it into a haven for wildlife ever since. If you enjoy part I, look out for part II - we'll be posting it in the next couple of weeks.

    Crook of Baldoon: Part I 

    In 2010, RSPB Scotland launched an appeal to buy a piece of land…

    • 14 Jan 2016
  • Five facts you should know about goldcrests

    Five facts you should know about goldcrests

    Goldcrests are relatively common in Scotland with something like 750,000 individuals nesting here, and up to three million covering the country as far north as Shetland in winter. They’re hyperactive little birds that always seem to be on the move, flitting through woodland, feeding on small insects and seeds. You may have even seen them in your garden or local park. So it…

    • 5 Jan 2016