• Norway Norway over the sea

    Kate Bellew, Conservation Planner from RSPB Scotland, tells us of her recent nature exchange programme in Norway.

    Norway Norway over the sea

    Earlier this summer, I was lucky enough to get offered a place on one of Archnetworks structured training programmes in Norway. I jumped at the chance to explore a place with so much wildlife – including beavers, moose, reindeer, wolves, lynx and bears! 

    University of Hedmark…

    • 22 Oct 2015
  • The Great Trossachs Forest is officially an NNR....but what does that actually mean?

    The Great Trossachs Forest has officially become a National Nature Reserve. In fact, at 16,500 hectares (about the size of greater Glasgow) it’s now the largest NNR, not only in Scotland, but in the whole of the UK. It’s a fantastic achievement for a project that only got underway in 2009, and is a credit to the hard work of its partners, volunteers, and the funders who support it.

    But what exactly does…

    • 14 Oct 2015
  • What to see in Scotland this month X

    October is a great month to see the wildlife that isn’t with us all year long. Many species head for Scottish shores for the winter, leaving countries like Iceland and Greenland behind until the warmer months, while mammals like grey seals come ashore to breed at this time of year. So grab a pair of cosy boots and a scarf, and head outside to take it all in.

    What to see in Scotland this month X


    • 5 Oct 2015