• Where have all the kestrels gone?

    The latest Breeding Bird Survey (published 29 August) shows kestrel numbers decreased by 65% in Scotland between 1995 and 2012. Louise Cullen met up with Senior Conservation Scientist Staffan Roos to find out why.

    Scotland is a spectacular place for watching wildlife – especially birds. Whether it’s seabirds in summer or migratory geese in winter, there’s always something to look out for. Some of our resident bird species…

    • 12 Sep 2014
  • Glasgow Wildlife Garden Festival

    The Glasgow Wildlife Garden Festival is well underway after launching on Tuesday with an 11 mile cycle round the city, which Jenny Tweedie went along to. 

    There was a last-minute flurry of preparations before the bike parade set out. Foam petal cut-outs found their way onto bags, fuzzy bee costumes were tidied, and flowers were arranged artistically into panniers and baskets. This wasn't going to be a regular bike ride…

    • 11 Sep 2014