• Inversnaid habitat management update

    Inversnaid habitat management update

    A bit of a recap:

    As we have explained in a previous blog, doing conservation  sometimes requires that we make very difficult decisions. And it is at one of Britain’s most special woodland habitats, the Atlantic oak woodlands of Inversnaid, that we have recently been engaged with the realities of these challenges.

    These woodlands, exquisitely beautiful and running alongside…

    • 20 Jan 2014
  • Challenges of habitat management- Inversnaid

    Some of you have been in touch recently with concerns about work to control feral goats at our Inversnaid reserve. For more information on this issue please see the email below.

    Goats and the Inversnaid Special Area of Conservation

    There has been a lot of concern over the welfare of the goats at our Inversnaid reserve and we wanted to send a reply to everyone that has taken the time to email us on this issue.

    As the…

    • 20 Jan 2014
  • Soil is amazing – honestly, it is

    Jim Densham, our senior land use policy officer, tells us why we should really care more about soil.

    When I have told people I am writing a blog article about soil the general reaction has been mild laughter. Soil just isn’t sexy or inspiring. However, when you think about it, you realise soil is vital for life. It underpins our ecosystem foodchains and is the medium in which we grow our food so it’s pretty important…

    • 9 Jan 2014