• Speed of life

    Trainee Ecologist, David Freeman, is back with a new blog...

    Speed of life

    I spent a rushed week recently surveying and shadowing three experienced Bryologists in the area surrounding Kinlochewe. This is a magnificent part of the world with steep slopes like Slioch and Beinn Eighe, beautiful areas of unspoilt Caledonian pine forest, and wide expanses of moorland all of which centre on the beautiful Loch Maree.



    • 22 Oct 2013
  • Caring for a stowaway bird

    Kara Brydson, Head of Marine Policy at RSPB Scotland, with some advice for fishermen who find a winged stowaway on board.

     Caring for a stowaway bird

    We were recently contacted by someone looking for advice on how to care for a lost bird that was found perched on a fishing boat and thought we’d share the advice a bit wider in case it is of use.

    Migrating birds can sometimes be blown off-course, suffer from severe…

    • 16 Oct 2013
  • Senses working overtime

    Conservation Manager, Stuart Benn, is back with a new blog...

    Senses working overtime

    It turns out that our puppy is scared of owls.

    This wasn’t a problem during their silent summer months but the local tawnies have become really noisy on these cold, clear autumn nights and when we take Brin out for his last turn their kewicks make him prick up his ears and head off rapidly in the opposite direction.


    • 2 Oct 2013