• In search of the Golden bog moss

    RSPB Trainee Ecologist, David Freeman, tells us more about his work at Forsinard Flows.

    In search of the Golden Bog Moss

    Sphagnum pulchrum

    Before arriving at Forsinard I had already decide to try to use some of my spare time constructively by improving my knowledge of the Sphagnum Mosses, commonly known as the Bog Mosses.

    When most people think of bog mosses I’m sure the image that springs to mind is of something…

    • 22 Apr 2013
  • A trip to the far north

    RSPB Scotland Trainee Ecologist, David Freeman, on his first trip to Forsinard Flows.

    A trip to the far north

    The Flow country of Scotland is one of the most important and dynamic landscapes in the world, its deep peats have built up over thousands of years locking away masses of carbon and preserving forests from ages past. The Lochs and Lochans that collect on the peat form a strange patterned landscape that reflects…

    • 17 Apr 2013
  • Countdown to the Scottish Birdfair

    Scottish Birdfair team member, Stacey Maden, on preparing for the big day.

    Countdown to the Scottish Birdfair

    With just 1 month to go before the Scottish Birdfair, it’s all go in the office as we finalise plans for the big day.

    This year we are excited to welcome even more exhibitors showcasing the very best in optics, clothing, arts and crafts, books and bird food (just to name a few) and we are looking forward…

    • 12 Apr 2013
  • How do you see us?

    Stuart Benn, RSPB Conservation Manager, on the Year of Natural Scotland.

    How do you see us?

    It’s been the usual series of highs and lows with Scottish sport in the last couple of weeks – our women curlers were crowned world champions and Andy Murray ground it out in the Miami heat to become the second best tennis player on earth.  But the national football team continued their slide into the lower regions…

    • 2 Apr 2013