• Saying No to dirty coal

    Zoe Clelland, RSPB Scotland Senior Conservation Officer, gives us an update on objections to the proposed coal fired powerstation at Hunterston on the Ayrshire coast.

    Saying NO to dirty coal

    The proposal by Ayrshire Power Limited (APL) to build a new coal fired powerstation at Hunterston on the Ayrshire coast has been an important piece of work for us for three years now.  The proposals have horrified many people who know…

    • 9 Sep 2011
  • From sea to shining sea

    If you’re fortunate enough to work for the RSPB, you get the opportunity every seven years to take a well-earned sabbatical of up to four weeks. You can go and work on another conservation project at home or sometimes abroad, usually with Birdlife International. Or you can design your own sabbatical but it must meet strict criteria. It’s a very worthwhile employment benefit which helps to refocus and refresh valued staff…

    • 5 Sep 2011