What might the news of the future look like? RSPB England’s Beth Markey explores…

You know those difficult situations in life where the easiest solution seems to be to bury your head in the sand? Imagine that but on a global scale. Despite our leaders setting targets, attending climate panels and promising change, effective action towards a future rich in nature remains largely absent.

If we carry on as we are, we will be faced with a nature-less future. Just how might this grim reality look?

Summer scorcher! London sizzles at forty degrees

Text: Weather warnings issued.

Temperatures across Britain are facing record highs for the fifth year in a row. Yesterday, the mercury reached a sweltering forty degrees and the temperature is set to increase even further over the coming days. Stations have issued warnings of heavy rain and thunderstorms.

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Done chorus – silence as last birds disappear 

Text: Skies fall quiet for first time.

Our skies have officially fallen silent of nature's sound today as the world heard the last known living songbird has died. Scientists were baffled by the initial appearance of the bird, named Elvis by conservationists, as no birds have been seen across the globe for many months. This is thought to be due to a lack of food, clean air and water and the loss of any remaining natural world.

Wellies firms predict bumper year as rain continues

Text: UK on back foot as year's worth of rain falls in one month.

Welly, umbrella, and raincoat manufacturers are gearing up for success after record rainfall levels but prices will continue to skyrocket with materials in short supply. Experts have categorised the weather as a 'risk to life'.

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Human pollinators strike for better pay and conditions

Text: Can you bee-lieve it?

Fresh fruit and vegetables will be in short supply after a worldwide strike of pollinators today. The workers claim they want more money after the price of fresh produce increased by 500% over the last twelve months.

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Experts rally to save last hedgehog in existence 

Text: She remains in critical condition.

Veterinary staff and conservationists at Endling Zoo are working tirelessly to save the last hedgehog on earth. If they are unsuccessful, hedgehogs will join the growing list of extinct UK wildlife. Around-the-clock care has been provided for the hedgehog - named Clover - who was born at Endling Zoo four years ago.


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