It's a big week for me. On Saturday I will marry my lovely girlfriend Laura, who also works at the RSPB, and on Friday the first issue of the new RSPB magazine, Nature's Home start mailing to members. With so many readers (1.25 million!), it can take almost two weeks for all copies to be sent out, and you should have received your copy by 15 October at the latest.

It's been a busy few weeks (to say the least...) getting the new magazine ready and it's a big thanks to volunteer James Shooter for sharing his photography masterclass on the blog.

So what's different?

Well, the name obviously, but there's much to the change than that. There's a great new look for the whole magazine, plus we've also taken the opportunity to bring in many of the things you've told us you would like to see, or see more of, in the magazine. I'm excited about hearing reaction to the new reserves section, plus readers' wildlife Q and A which I predict to be a hit.

Don’t worry though, all your favourites are still there, and in many cases have been expanded. Readers’ photos now comes with a great prize for the shot of the issue and regular contributors such as Simon Barnes and David Lindo have been teamed with some new “signings”. There is even more advice on what to see and where to go and more news on what the RSPB is able to achieve thanks to your support and we're tackling some BIG conservation issues in the first magazine.

Whooper and Bewick's swans by Chris Gomersall (

I’ve taken the chance to write about my very favourite winter spectacle, the flocks of whooper and Bewick’s swans that come here for winter, and famous names from the world of wildlife also share theirs.

I was going to post a few teasers on the blog, but I don't want to spoil the surprise for you. Hope you understand!

Do let me know what you think of the new magazine. Start looking out for your copy arriving from Friday.

  • Thanks Pete and Marion for your kind comments. So pleased. The aim for me was to make sure the best of Birds magazine came into the new magazine and combine it with new content and a new design. You sum up the nature and birds relationship very well. I hope those who aren't keen on the new name can see the thinking behind it. There's even more bird content now I would say, just lots of other content too!

  • Hi Wren.

    Thank you so much. We had a lovely day thank you.

    Really pleased you like the new magazine. Adrian and I have really enjoyed putting together the gardening pages for the next issue. I think you'll like them!

  • Mark,

          It took a bit of time to get here. Both my wife and I think that "Natures Home" is wonderful we loved "Birds" but "Natures Home" goes the extra mile and it shows that birds are not isolated from the environment, to help birds we MUST look after the habitat that they need. Thanks for a brilliant magazine that ticks ALL the boxes for us.

    Pete & Marion Sneddon

  • Hello Mark,

    hope  you both had a lovely day, The magazine is good reading.  I liked the layout and the gardening ideas as well.

  • Hi Robert.

    Welcome to the blog.

    It was a lovely day up in Yorkshire thank you. Stunning views over Ilkley Moor and plenty to keep the nature lovers happy too - red kites flying over the church as we walked out, 150 curlews by the reception hall, nuthatches, buzzards....

    My best man even pulled out a lesser spotted woodpecker before breakfast, which was a real surprise. However, the best bit, apart from the wedding of course, was finding a yellow-browed warbler in the car park the morning after. Because of it, I did miss the big clean up in the hall, but as my new wife said "Start as you mean to go on..."

    Today is the first day I've seen the new magazine myself - I am really pleased. Do let me know your thoughts.