• A lotta otter

    We've all got our 'bogey' species of wildlife. The bird, animal, or insect that you just can't seem to connect with, no matter how hard you try. Hours spent waiting in silence, patiently and visiting sites recommended by the experts, adopting all the tricks of the trade, resulting in nothing but a sore bum and disappointment. You know the feeling.

    I'm a man who spends a lot of time in wet places. Marshes…

    • 19 Dec 2012
  • Scorpions, antswarms and spiders as big as your hand

    As promised on last Friday's blog (part one of my jungle adventure), a few more shots below from my trip to Ghana - the winter home of many of the UK's migrant birds. While researching our turtle dove feature for the April issue of Birds, it has really hit home just how many hazards our migrant birds, like this swallow, face.

    Having been to the African wintering grounds, I've seen birds like wood warblers

    • 14 Dec 2012
  • Want to know where your swallows are now?

    You’ll be reading (and hopefully learning!) lots about migrant birds in the next issue of Birds. We’ll be bringing you the story of how the RSPB is trying to find out about turtle doves by tracking them on their perilous migration, plus showing you how you where you can watch migration, and fabulous migrants, near you.

    We read a lot about ‘our’ migrants flying to Africa for winter, but Africa is a very big…

    • 7 Dec 2012