Is that a deal?

I like running - it is part of my therapy.  So when I was asked if I'd like to run the Bupa 10K on the Olympic course in London on Sunday 27 May 2012 and raise money for the RSPB, I said yes, of course.

But, I have called upon friends and family many times to raise money for my running adventures and so I thought, this time, I would do something different. 

Here's how it works...

You donate some money to the RSPB via my JustGiving page here. 

You predict the time (to the nearest second) you think it will take me to finish the race and tell me on the JustGiving pages or via this blog.

The person who gets closest to my actual time will win a prize!  "What's the prize?" I hear you cry.  Erm - not sure yet.  Will have a think but it will be great!

And, to make things spicier for me, I plan to give £5 to the RSPB for every minute over 50 minutes that I take completing the race.  Now, for the runners amongst you, you might think that is not a particularly tough target, but, in my defence I have no idea how busy the race will be and I am now 41 and the body is definitely creaking.

In a week when philanthrophy has been in the news, I thought you'd all feel the need to tap into the good side of human nature and dip deeply into your pockets.

I'll give you updates on my progress in the countdown to the race.  And I'll also give you some examples of projects that any money I raise will be spent on in my own patch - Eastern England.

Would you like to sponsor me to run the Bupa 10K?  And do you want to predict the time that I will finish?

Go on - it will do you, me and the birds some good.