The weather is terrible, the economy is in a mess, which means we all need something to bring cheer this weekend.

Here's my top tip: why not make yourself a cup of tea, sit down and count the birds in your garden for an hour.

If you want to be really indulgent, you could do this while listening to Sir David Attenborough's Desert Island Discs on Sunday.  What could be better - watching wildlife while listening to a national treasure?

Yes, it's Big Garden Birdwatch weekend. 

For my sins, I hope to be herding five kids (not all mine I hasten to add) to join in the fun.  And I really do need those long-tailed tits (like the one below courtesy of Jogn Bridge and to turn up in the garden at the right time. 

Last January a record 609,000 people took part.  We're hoping to top that this year. So, go on, take part.  It will cheer you up!  I promise.

And do let me (and the rest of the RSPB) know what you found...



  • Bob - we'll find out soon1

    And Sooty - many thanks for your support.  Taffy, I hope you had a good weekend!

  • Taffy---I see your point but hope the RSPB letter helped and they are usually a very caring society towards their members.It is probably impossible for a society with so many members not to upset a few during a year.

    Personally while I have sympathy for you think you are losing out on the value RSPB gives to members and also we need every member as a important part of improving things for birds and campaigns.Do hope you are not to  proud to reconsider.

  • Martin,  I do hope that we get a record entry.  I am finding people are saying 'I've got no birds in the garden this year' and it does look as though they have more food out in the countryside  (the birds that is not the people).  I do worry that because they have got very little, people won't report in and of course it as important to report nothing as a lot.  I suppose that would a good exercise in people science anyway.

  • I am sorry to hear that Taffy.  I hope you received a good reply to your letter.  Even if you don't take part - have a great weekend out and about...

  • Sadly, I won't be doing it again this year, Martin.

    Last year, a lot of the publicity advertising involved a cat, so I complained. For a society dedicated to the Protection of birds to use this theme, I find in very poor taste, and I was upset and very disappointed.

    What do I see this year? Web sites with photos of a cat 'saying' " I've seen 3 wrens, they're my favourites". Now, I'm sure cat owners will not see my point and think it very amusing, but imagine the uproar if a sparrowhawk ( totally natural predator) was substituted for the cat!!! Double standards?