There is one lucky chap, Gary Prescott, who has vistied all RSPB nature reserves... by bike!  I've met him and he is great.  And I have to say that I am a bit jealous.  There are loads of sites which, despite more than 7 years working for and 20 years a member of the RSPB, I have yet to have the pleasure of visiting.  Today I am off to visit our Northern England team to see one of our newest sites - Dove Stone.  I am looking forward to seeing the scale of our work in a fabulous part of the world.

My favourite reserve is... no I had better not say.  Not sure I should be declaring my hand.

Anyway, if you have a favourite RSPB reserve or want to find out what we've been up to over the past year, then have a dip into our latest edition of our Reserves Review.

This review looks back at 2010.  It considers the role our reserves can play in halting biodiversity loss with sections on saving nature, restoring lost habitats, providing wildlife experiences for people, benefitting the environment and supporting partners round the world.

Working in partnership is a key part of our success, whether it is working with Scottish Natural Heritage to expand our ‘Celtic rainforests’, or by assisting  farmers to restore wet grassland at Lough Beg in Ireland. 

The review features Winterbourne Downs in Wiltshire to see how the chalk grassland has developed over the last 5 years, forming a core part of the Wiltshire Chalk Country Futurescape.

We celebrate 100 years of protecting Welsh wildlife and 50 years of RSPB at the Lodge. Looking ahead, we consider what new colonists might arrive on our reserves and what we should be doing to support them.

Finally, two articles describe our overseas work covering management planning in the steppes of Turkemenistan and work in Poland to restore habitat for aquatic warblers at Biebrza.

So, happy flicking and maybe, just maybe you might get to a new site this year.