Every now and again I receive messages from readers enquiring how they go about posting comments. It’s a slightly confusing process and one that I thought required a bit of explanation so here goes.

It’s really easy and well worth doing. Once you’re logged in, you can comment on not only my posts but the many others that keep you updated on things like marine issues, how to bring nature into a learning environment and our work within the farming community. 

The key is that you need to sign in or register to RSPB Community to get involved in the conversation.


Occasionally, even when you are logged in, you may not immediately see the ‘comment’ box. If this is the case, click on the title of the actual blog post and that will take you through enabling you to share your thoughts with me and all my readers.

So, remember you need to either register for a community account or, if you’ve registered in the past, sign in here.

Once you’re registered, do take the time to share your opinions on the issues discussed in this blog.

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