Thanks to Bill Oddie, I've been pondering the good side of human nature this week.  Here is how you can help the Prime Minister tap into his own good side.  Have a read of this extract from our excellent climate change blog

"On 26th April, our Prime Minister, David Cameron will deliver an environmental speech (his first since the election) to global energy ministers at the Clean Energy Ministerial meeting in London. This speech is a crucial moment in the fight against climate change. We know our Climate Change Minister, Greg Barker, has recently shown his backing for more ambitious climate targets but now we need the Prime Minister to take this message to the international stage.

The story so far tells us that the EU is currently committed to a 20% cut in carbon emissions by 2020, but scientists agree that this reduction target has to be at least 30% if we are to stay within safe levels of climate change.

Today we can put pressure on our Prime Minster to publically show his support for the 30% target and to persuade the rest of Europe to back a more ambitious emissions reduction target.

As a founding member of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition we are working together with the campaigning organisation 38 degrees, and partner NGOs including Friends of the Earth and WWF to reach as many people as possible. This is your chance to step up and call on Mr Cameron to show that the UK supports the need for greater carbon emission reduction.

Please click here and email the Prime Minister today! And, don’t forget to tell your friends to do it as well!  Together we can make a difference."

Do give the Prime Minister a little nudge on this one.  It will do you and him some good...

  • Redkite - you are right.  30% reduction from 1990 levels and yes aircraft and shipping excluded.  This would probably translate into a 42% reduction for UK.

    And Peter - I agree about the need for being on more of a war footing to tackle climate change and therefore some serious strategic planning.  Have been disappointed that successive governments have so far failed to rise to this challenge.

  • The Prime Minister has tried very hard to show that the Tories have "changed"; it is very unfortunate that his chief ministers, particularly Chancellor G.Osbourne, are betraying the fact that his proclamations re the "greenest government ever" never had the support of his senior Conservative colleagues; is he not looking isolated here ? Did he ever mean it really ? I still believe that the massive opportunity is tidal, barrage on the Thames, lagoons whatever just build it on the Severn and all the rest of it; offsore/onshore wind, general efficiency and insulation! The middle class can of course have solar at great public expense. Joined up with a strategic plan to bring on the necessary engineers over a 30 year plan !

  • Hi Martin, I have sent my e-mail to the PM. One point that it might have made a little clearer is, what are the percentage cuts being requested percentages of? I believe them to be percentages of the UK's aggregate 1990 CO2 emmisions excluding aircraft and shipping, but politicians often talk about percentages without defining the basis of them which really makes them meaningless.