Here is some good news that you may missed... assessment compiled by the Web of Science has shown that three NGOs (BirdLife International, BTO and the RSPB) are in the top 6 of UK institutions that undertake the highest impact research on biodiversity conservation.  That is why, in a letter in Nature published this week, the top scientists from BirdLife International, RSPB and BTO suggest that "NERC could better deliver its strategy by directing greater resources to non-governmental and other organisations outside traditional universities that deliver societal impact through research enhancing the conservation of biodiversity upon which people depend." You can read more about this in an excellent blog by BirdLife's Chief Scientist, Stuart Buchart here.

...yesterday, Members of the European Parliament voted to allocated 15bn Euros of the future COmmon Agriculture Policy to support farmers who want to restore nature.  Given that there are 421 million fewer birds in Europe than there were 30 years ago and that agriculture is the biggest driver of decline, farming reform either side of the Channel is essential.  There is a long way to go to reform CAP in the EU and deliver the right legislation to underpin a new agriculture subsidy regime across the UK, but the direction of travel is positive.

...10,000 people have now asked EDF to protect Minsmere in their Sizewell C nuclear power plans.  Many thanks to all of you that have taken action.  If you haven't yet shared your concerns you can still sign our e-action today.

Ben Andrew's fab picture of a bittern at Minsmere (

And finally, my son will skip school today.  I am, on this occasion, content for him to do so because he is going on strike.  He is taking part in the #YouthStrike4Climate being organised across the UK.  I am not surprised that young people are taking to the streets, they have every right to be seriously concerned about the future.  We need government action and decision-makers need to listen to the concerns of those who will be inheriting the earth in whatever state we leave it.