I was happy with the morning’s work.

Despite the mist, the five kids and I were relatively happy with our nine species: blue tit (3), chaffinch (2), collared dove (2), robin (1), dunnock (1), house sparrow (1), carrion crow (1), woodpigeon (2) and blackbird (1).

We were a little short on previous years.  There may have been more (species, not kids), but we had to cope with various distractions.  A lego version of Camelot’s court and a brace of Mums proved too much for some.  But for our small suburban garden it was OK. 

Just one of the kids (not mine) saw it through.  At five, she is mainly interested in dinosaurs so I explained the evolutionary link.  She indulged me until I quoted Robert Bakker “when you see the geese honking overhead, say - the dinosaurs are migrating, it must be spring!”.  And then she was gone.

Here’s hoping that another 600,000 or so folk saw it through and had a great weekend.