One of my favourite Bob Dylan tracks, 'If you see her, say hello' , from perhaps my favourite Bob Dylan album, 'Blood on the tracks', contains the line 'Whatever makes her happy, I won't stand in her way' .  But what does make her happy?

That's what the Westminster Government says it wants to know from you all.

It takes very little time to fill in the online questionnaire (I've done it - about 10 minutes, if that) which you will find by clicking this link.  If you have a look then you will find that there is quite a lot of opportunity to say that the environment is important to you - because it is to me and I am guessing it is to you - and I went further and used the 'extra comments' boxes to say that wildlife is incredibly important.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy was pondering on this subject back in September 2009 and I wrote a blog about it then.