Having listened to corncrakes on Islay and the Uists this year I am keen that the reintroduction project on the Nene Washes in Cambridgeshire continues to go well.  It seems that it is!


We have at least 20 singing males - though I've said before that it's not the most impressive song in the world!


A good thing is that we know that many of these males are unringed - suggesting that they are birds recruited to the Nene Washes from elsewhere or, more likely, the offspring of previously-released birds that have been produced on the Nene Washes.  In other words, we aren't just acting like a rear-and-release pheasant shoot - there is a growing 'natural' population growing up here.  Fingers crossed!  There is a long way to go, and these practical projects always have their ups and downs. 

  • Mark please take a less abrasive approach with farmers or for sure the Corncrake will not spread out from what is an amazing success but suggesting that SFA is easy money when upland farm incomes average £6000 is probably worse than red rag to a bull and i understand even overall average farm income taking into account lowland farms is only £18000 without being rude think your salary probably compares very favourably and cannot find any evidence of farmers claiming yours is easy money.Fact is Mark if you rub the farmers up the wrong way round where the Corncrake are (wicken fen i believe)where i was born and bred the Corncrake will not expand.Of course i understand we live in a democracy but believe as representing the RSPB you need to bite your tongue perhaps for the greater good.Think whatever is said the Sea Eagle project could have gone ahead in East Anglia with a different attitude to particularly farmers,even if you disagree it bat least needs considering because for sure silage making finished the Corncrake in England and the chance now for it to spread due to lots of different circumstances not least less grass silage being made is a chance not to be missed at least wicken fen is a lot closer than Iona.

  • Bob - we can imagine that might happen.  But we don't know that it does (or doesn't!).

  • Mark, When  you say birds recruited from elsewhere.  Do we know if birds returning on migration will follow Nene birds even if they were raised uo north.