Two weeks for a sub-group of nations to agree that it would be nice if we didn't fry the planet.  Surely they could have signed up to that a bit quicker?  Something rotten in the state of Denmark?

There is still much to be done to solve the climate change problem facing every living thing on this planet.

See what the papers around the world say about it - New York Times, Times of India, Sydney Morning Herald, Le Monde, Mail and Guardian online from South Africa, Los Angeles Times and the Guardian.  Not exactly a vote of confidence in the deal.  

More to do - so much more to do.

  • Hi Mark,thought you might be interested as I believe you take the Telegraph,a letter in there which I don't necessarily agree 100% with says Birds,Bumble bees and Butterflies all had really good increases this year and thinks that perhaps the weather has been to blame for the decline and thinks that farmers should be praised for there help in improving things.Another angle to get help from farmers maybe if the children get into birds and wildlife they would pass it on as it is all about enthusiasm.Honest Mark not me who wrote the letter.Strangely I think the RSPB  yourself included think that farmers do quite a lot for wildlife but perhaps unfortunately that message doesn't seem to get across.It is a really difficult on dairy farms as crops need to be really almost only Ryegrass and Maize neither of which are wildlife friendly.

  • Afraid I never have much confidence in any politicians of any kind. Not surprised that so many different & varied nations/peoples could not agree on a policy - they even have problems with the little things in life, so a big one like this would stump them totally. However, I have a huge belief in Mother Nature finding a way around things, and I have an innermost hope that things will perhaps not turn out too badly in the long term: there have been major changes in the earths climate in the past, and we are all still here.

  • Boz fantastic you have saved me a lot of words,I agree 100%.Mark will probably think my shortest comment.My guess is that even Mark who tries so hard to be supportive of these people is perhaps as disgusted as us.As we have lots of evidence lately politicians take absolutely no notice of what ordinary people think.

  • How much extra greenhouse gas was added by all the hot air emanating from Denmark, not to mention the travel involved.  Obama has just shown himself up for what I always suspected he was - just another politician of the Blair 'I love everybody and want to be loved, trust me I'm a regular guy' type.  We are doomed!  We perhaps deserve to be as a species but what about the rest?  What a pathetic, sickening show.  'Rotten' is not the word, albeit perhaps one of the politest that can be used.  A strong organic odour of the bovine variety prevails.