It's been great!  Thanks for everything.




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Did I mention the book of the blog?

  • Mark,  I did email you as you know because I thought I wouldn't be here to say something on this occasion.  I am more than happy to repeat those comments here in public.  So best wishes for the future from both of us.  I am sure I will be in touch and am sure we will bump into you somewhere.  I have already signed up for the Mark Avery newsletter.  

  • For what is a man what has he got

    If not himself then he has not

    To say the things he truly feels

    And not the words of one who kneels

    The record shows I took the blows

    And did it my way

    Yes it was my way

  • Thanks so much for all your hard work and brilliant work for the RSPB, Mark including this blog. Your blog has been a pleasure and very worthwhile. You will be very widely missed. All the very best in whatever you choose to do. I gather from my RSPB colleagues you are going birding across the USA as a start, so enjoy that. Maybe I might bump into you at the Bird Fair in August?

    Good luck.

  • Hope you enjoy your trip Mark and will keep in touch.

  • Hi Mark

    We appear to disagree on a number of topics but you have tolerated my ‘input’ – no doubt knowing that the end was nigh

    But I have to say that my interest in and knowledge of – bird life in general – has increased somewhat since my ‘involvement’ with your blog and I am surprised at the number of bird books that we’ve had for many long years which have been dug out and re-read.

    However I have to say that I could never join the RSPB – the ‘gap’ is just too wide to even contemplate – it would be like joining the Labour Party – something – incidentally - I did as an ‘entryist’ but was subsequently rejected by the local Labour Party(!).

    I wish you and yours all the very best and shall watch out for news of your progress -.