• Return to the Emerald Isle

    We received some great news last week that the white-tailed eagle that was rescued from the north Aberdeenshire coast almost a year ago has returned to Ireland! See previous blog here.

    The 2010 bird with the wing tags white/blue “3” was detected through radio tracking back in county Kerry after being released from Fife in December 2011. He had only been seen on one occasion since by staff at Drumpelier country park before…

    • 26 Sep 2012
  • Food Fight!

    When X came to visit the food dump....

    • 10 Sep 2012
  • Food Dump Dramas

    The 2012 cohort of east coast white-tailed eagles have been in the wild for over two weeks already! Since their release, we have been maintaining a food dump at the release site to help them get started.

    In the wild, when the young birds fledge, the adults will regularly provision them with the odd fish or piece of carrion here and there until they can confidently hunt independently. As there are no adult birds in the area…

    • 7 Sep 2012