• First 2010 chicks hatch

    I wrote in my last post that we were expecting our first chicks to hatch next month in Norway, but concerns of a later season due to the prolonged winter are unfounded and I heard a couple of days ago that the first chicks in our collection areas have started hatching, although its is still too early to see how successful the season will be. I'm always learning more about white-tailed eagles from Alv Ottar who coordinates…

    • 29 Apr 2010
  • Fearsome frog killers!

    We record the diet of our released eagles by collecting regurgitated pellets from roosts and from watching them hunting and were able to add a surprising new species to this list last week, when two RSPB members (Debbie and John Lindop) spent an hour watching one of our 2009 males (tag Z) catching frogs near Aboyne!

    One of our 2008 males returned from Ardnamurchan last week and has been spending time near Loch of the Lowes…

    • 22 Apr 2010
  • Sea eagle gives goldie at Haweswater a shock!

    Our 2008 wandering sea eagle was spotted flying over Leighton Moss at approximately noon on Sunday before visiting Haweswater in the Lake district. Haweswater used to be home to England's last breeding pair of golden eagles, but has been home to a solitary male since 2004. He must have thought his luck had changed when a larger eagle flew into his territory on Sunday! He must have quickly realised his mistake as the sea…

    • 12 Apr 2010
  • Latest movements of sea eagle in England

    The young sea eagle was at Blacktoft Sands yesterday (Wednesday) where it was seen eating a goose by RSPB staff and visitors and showing off its huge wingspan compared to the smaller marsh harriers on the reserve. It was back at Whitton sands this morning.


    You can view some more photos of it at Whitton sands at:


    • 8 Apr 2010
  • Sea eagle heads to England for Easter break!

    Easter weekend was an exciting time for birders in Northumberland and Yorkshire as one of our 2008 birds wandered into Northern England for the bank holiday weekend, first being seen near Newcastle airport last Wednesday, then moving south-west to Boroughbridge in North Yorkshire and back out to Flamborough head on Sunday with the most recent sightings being over a lake near Hull by Natural England staff yesterday. This is…

    • 8 Apr 2010