• 30th June 2007

    After spending a week lugging 8 kg of food in buckets up a hill twice a day I’m glad that we only got 15 instead of 20 chicks this year! That combined with the constant aroma of fish that surrounds me I’m glad that I now have an assistant, Andrew Cole who also works for RSPB and other staff have been extremely helpful in doing the odd babysitting stint.

    The blood analyses have revealed that we have nine males…
    • 30 Jun 2007
  • 22nd June – Arrival

    The chicks first day in Scotland was a long one for eagles and Project Team alike. The birds were placed into large plastic pet kennels from their temporary accommodation in Norway before taking their first flight across the North Sea courtesy of the Norwegian Royal Air Force. 

    For me, the day began preparing fish for their first feed! The birds’ introduction to Scotland was a hectic one being greeted by the press at RAF…
    • 22 Jun 2007