Blogger: Linda Roberts, Volunteer for Community Fundraising

Imagine my delight the other morning, opening my bedroom curtains and seeing a fox sunning himself in the flowerbed, not a care in the world. He stayed for about half an hour lazily grooming himself and then had a quick nap before strolling off. 

Another morning I was greeted with the sight of a sparrowhawk who briefly stopped on top of a tall conifer, I uttered a ‘Wow’ and he heard me, so flew off before I could take a picture! It made my day. The other day I spotted a bird fluttering in my porch. Thinking it was injured in some way, I crept up to find a baby chaffinch, all alone and obviously bewildered. At closer inspection it looked unhurt, eyed me for a moment before unsteadily flying off into a bush.   I managed to get a photo before it flew across the road. Just a few happenings in a suburban garden!

Linda helps Matt and Gena with all our pin badge needs - there is an army of people out there helping us raise funds that can be used for any of our conservation projects.