Blogger: Lili Kumar, Community Fundraising Assistant

Hi Gena here for a quick update before I leave Lili to her rainforest post. Hopefully you will all have seen the information regarding the RSPB’s Together for Trees partnership with Tesco to raise money and awareness for tropical forest projects around the globe.

As part of this work, Tesco’s are opening the doors of all their UK superstores and Extra stores for 2 days in September for a ‘Together for Trees’ bucket collection. In Eastern England alone we are looking for 800 volunteers to help us out by collecting money in 100 Tesco Stores on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 September, so this is the biggest project of this kind we have ever undertaken.

To help us in this task and make sure we can make the most of this opportunity, we are delighted to be able to welcome Lili Kumar on board the good ship Community Fundraising! For the next 4 months Lili will be working with us to deliver over £15,000 towards rainforest projects – starting with a taste of her own rainforest experience...


“There are 760 bends on the road to Pai, a small town situated in the Mae Hong Son (The City of Three Mists) province of northern Thailand. Word on the street in the city of Chiang Mai is that people take the terrifying bus ride at their own risk. Two days later, I am on the bus! The rollercoaster ride revelled scenery that grew more beautiful with every turn.  I began to feel myself relax, the higher we climbed the more stunning the misty green mountains became. Any fear was left far behind me by the time we arrived in the valley.

Accommodation was found in a working rice field not far from the tiny town centre. The giant dorm had been built by the owner and his sister, complete with 20 bamboo bunk beds! The first sunset, and everyone after were spent in a giant tree house (our living room) over looking neat rice fields. Mountains rolled into each other as far as the eye could see and a pink glow filled the sky. Something told me there was no better place to spend Christmas...”

To step up for nature. Join Together for Trees bucket collections in the East and help to save a rainforest – have a look here for more info.”


Photo by Clare Kendall (