Blogger: Kate Blincoe

The initial euphoria of not having to get everyone out of the door bright and early has worn off. The days are long and the weather is at best changeable. Keeping the brood occupied can seem like a challenging task, but never fear, here is your stay sane guide to the summer hols.

Image: RSPB images

Go for gold!

If you’ve got tired of recreating the long jump in your lounge, then how about aiming for Nature gold with the Wildlife Action Awards?  From pond dipping and birdwatching, to making homes for mini-beasts and planting trees, there are plenty of activities to inspire young people as they work their way towards bronze, silver and gold awards. A really lovely way of giving you ideas to brighten up each day and it ticks the educational box too.

Just click here to find out more.

Forget being a Tiger Mum, its time to underparent

This is my kind of parenting. Forget hovering over them and intervening in their every move, this is about giving them some space (both emotional and physical) and letting them explore their world and learn about risk. Of course, a safe, outdoors place to have adventures is essential, but whether that is your garden or the park, it’s a chance for you to read the paper and let them sort out the squabbles themselves. This laidback style of parenting is surprisingly hard to do, so have a read here  if you’d like to avoid having a ‘cotton-wool kid’.

Get to your nearest nature reserve

Near you there is an RSPB nature reserve jam packed with wildlife and offering hands-on, get mucky activities for the summer. Whether that’s a special day for grandparents to take the children to at Minsmere on the Suffolk Coast, or face painting at Wat Tyler Country Park in South Essex, just log on here to find out more.