I run the risk of sounding like a small child in the lead up to Christmas but, there are only 18 days left till the Olympics Games! On 27 July, the opening ceremony of the most eagerly anticipated sporting event takes place in London and the whole world will be watching. It’s like throwing your own birthday party, nervous that no-one will have a good time, only on a slightly bigger scale of course.

I’m excited about the Olympics for many reasons; i’m a sport-a-holic and love nothing more than watching or participating in any sport.  I have always held up sporting legends as my heroes, looking up to them in splendid awe but, the most important reason for my uncontrollable excitement is for my children. For those of you who know me, you might think this is a rather odd thing to say. At this moment in time, I don’t have any children, however I certainly plan to and when old enough, I hope that they are as passionate about sport as me and my other half. See, for me the Olympics is more than a one-off event that will be all over our tv screens and gone quicker than you can say, “on your marks, get set, go!”. I hope that it will leave a legacy that will remain long talked about for years to come, where heroes will be made and tears will be shed.

I was thinking about this very thing on a rare trip out of the office last week. I took a train to Manningtree and walked the 30 mins through the grazing marshes to reach the RSPB Flatford Wildlife Garden, a hidden treasure where the vibrant colour knocks you for six. The wildflower meadow was mesmerising and bees darted about in pure elation. The Garden was left to the RSPB some 11 years ago as a legacy. Two sisters bequeathed an untidy, unkempt piece of land in the heart of Constable Country to the RSPB, who were to transform the area into a magical pace that would inspire people to create their own wildlife gardens.

A few years ago, this seemed like a huge responsibility. But seeing it in action on this sunny day, made me feel very proud indeed. People meandered around the gravel paths remarking at how homely the garden felt. If I had a penny for every time I heard ‘I wish my garden was like this’ I would be able to afford a ticket to The Games!

Legacies can be a heavy weight, the burden of responsibility often overwhelming. But let’s look at it through the eyes of our children. The opportunity to create something that inspires, that brings about change and positivity is not to be shied away from.   Flatford Wildlife Garden is a gift for future generations, I think that definitely deserves a gold medal.

Featured in the EDP, Saturday 7 July