Blogger - Erica Howe, Communications Manager

It’s been a shocking week to say the least! And it’s only Tuesday!

The RSPB announced today that the EU are planning to sever a rather important leg from our Common Agricultural Policy. That all sounds rather jargonny I know so i’ll try to make it as simple as possible. Our old friend Mark Avery couldn’t have put it better himself.

Farmland covers a whopping 75% of our region and is a vital part of the ecosystem for some our most loved (and threatened) wildlife. If  President Barroso makes this decision, the money that goes directly into conservation and farming  to ensure that our countryside stays fit for wildlife will vanish, along with our turtle doves, our skylarks and many more species along the way.

I for one, couldn’t think of a worse scenario to be in. It worries me greatly that our European leaders think that this is a GOOD idea! If our UK farmers were to lose this vital stream of income and organisations like the RSPB were to lose funding for major species and habitat recovery projects because of this short-sighted approach, then we can all kiss goodbye to a countryside full of birdsong for our grandchildren.

There is something we can do. By signing this e-action you will be pledging your support to the RSPB and perhaps we can get this decision reversed.

  • Mark resents the very very small proportion of his tax that goes to farmers and has ranted on about it for at least 2 years getting more and more wound up about what actually keeps everyones food bill down even those on low incomes who probably appreciate it more than rich people.Of course he never grumbles about where the majority of his taxes go that do far less good than that small amount going to farmers.His constant carping is in my opinion part of the reason that you are now fighting to keep some grants.The E U has obviously taken notice of him keeping on about farmers getting as he calls it top ups and prepared cuts.He has shot U K wildlife in the foot so to speak and instead of carping on he should take advantage of the rich pickings as he sees it and get farming.Wonder why he doesn't.

  • Erica,

    Your e-action link isn't working!

    It's becoming ridiculous, some idiot deciding what is best for our country when they are not even linked directly to it! Not that our own government is any better, If they had their way to save a bit more money, so we could drop more bombs on Libya we wouldn't have half of the woodland to enjoy although I suspect some moneybags Tory would but some of it and make it into a no holds barred game reserve for shooting maiming and killing our beutiful wildlife.

    It seems the only thing on our current Prime Ministers mind is bloodsport both at home and abroad!

    what a super image!