Today is my last day working for the RSPB1 before I head off to an even better job2.

Whilst the above sentence is factually accurate, I feel the need to clarify on points 1 and 2.

1)    Today I leave as a paid member of staff; however I’m not sure I will ever stop working for the RSPB. I fully intend to keep supporting the conservation work that is done in our beautiful region by this bunch of tenacious, talented and hard working people. I’ll be out there doing my bit to step up; signing petitions, looking after wildlife in my garden, writing to my MP and generally shouting about the importance of nature.

 2)    There was only one role that could be challenging and significant enough to tear me away from my wonderful job as a comms manager. The pay is non-existent, the working conditions are sometimes inhumane, the clients are stubborn and ruthless but the cuddles are second to none. I’ll be focusing on my two little ones for a couple of years before their childhoods are but a distant memory.

I will shed a secret tear when no one is looking. Thank you to my colleagues for being so inspirational, to all the volunteers who give their valuable time so freely and to all of you who have read my blogs. Keep up the good work!