With more and more people filling the shops to rush out for a last-minute Christmas pressie (or if you’re anything like me, you won’t have even started) I do often wonder about all the millions of pounds that we spend each year on gifts for our loved ones, friends and family. In a time of such financial hardship, it always amazes me how generous people are at this time of year and how much time, effort and money goes into buying gifts.

Don’t get me wrong, celebrating Christmas and exchanging gifts is a wonderful thing and I cherish the time i get to spend with my family, but I wish that our collective spending could be put to a better use than lining the pockets of multi-million pound corporations.

This is why I LOVE the RSPB Christmas shop. Not only is there a huge variety of gifts for everyone. And I really do mean everyone, you don’t have to be a nerdy birder to find something of interest at the RSPB’s shop! Whether your Dad’s into digital photography, or your sister would enjoy something from the Skinny Dipper range, this is the perfect way to shop over Christmas. Where else can you say that 100% of the money you have spent on Christmas pressies goes to protecting the environment? How amazing to think that you’ve contributed to the creation of a new reedbed at your local nature reserve or helped to protect a dwindling population of birds of prey because they were driven to extinction. Your money really will go the extra mile if you shop with us this Christmas.

Next time you’re rushing around the busy high-street shops, consider going home, making a cup of tea, getting out your laptop and checking out the RSPB’s online shop here or take a trip to one of our shops on an RSPB reserve. You won’t be disappointed and you may even pick up a little treat for yourself!

Happy Christmas.