Blogger: Charlotte Pledger, Youth, Education and Families Officer

So onto visiting a family event at the RSPB’s headquarters at The Lodge. This time the theme was ‘Nature Discovery’. The 2 hour event was run by 3 fantastically organised and knowledgeable volunteers. Families were split into 2 groups and were lead round part of the reserve to discover nature.

Even before we got going, children and adults were spotting bees and spiders in the garden area by the shop. We then walked on towards the hide, spotting nests, webs and plants, as well as the Manx Loghtan sheep. On entering the hide the children were soon getting excited about great tits, crows and pond skaters, as well as the unidentified brown bird in the distance.

The next stop was the garden (spotting fox poo on the way of course) where the children stretched their arms around two of the huge old trees. They then got the chance to do some bark rubbings of several trees before going to have a peek in the pond and a look at the bugs on the nearby flowers.

The two hour event went quickly, there is so much more for families to explore! Hopefully those whose first trip to The Lodge this was, as well as the repeat visitors will be back for more. One family had only joined the RSPB 2 weeks ago but had already visited The Lodge 4 times – you just can’t get enough of a good thing!

Although the end of the summer holidays is nearly upon us, there are still many activities for families in the Eastern Region to enjoy. Why not check out the ones at The Lodge, more information here: The RSPB: The Lodge: Events.

Photo Credit: Jodie Randall (