Blogger: Laura White (on behalf of all the A Team)

On the very rare occasion that the office based administrators have some spare time, they go and sit in our reception, that’s the place to be to find out what’s really going on.

There’s always something to be wondering about, sometimes the suspense is unbearable What will the new staff member be like? Who will make use of the hot desk? What will happen when the seven members of the admin team (affectionately known as the A team) are all in the same place at the same time? Chaos will ensue that’s what!

There’s always a question being asked, what will happen if we run out of milk? Is there a brochure which tells people all about us? Do you sell hedgehogs or have any dogs left? How can I help the birds in my garden? Is it gooses egg or geese eggs? What can I do to ‘step up for nature’?

And where there’s a question there’s always an answer and the A team members will be the people who know it.

People become crabby when they can’t make their tea so we never run out of milk. There is a brochure which is kept in our cupboard which gives all the info you’d need about the RSPB and our reserves. We don’t sell hedgehogs and would never condone this type of behaviour and as for stepping up for nature, that’s as easy as ABC and everybody can do their little bit, you can even do one small thing today by clicking here and signing our marine pledge.  

Picture credit: Adam Murray