• Champions stepping up to save turtle doves in 2018

    June has been a BIG month for turtle doves. One of the UK’s (and Europe’s) most threatened birds, their plight has inspired farmers, politicians, birders and nature-lovers to step up to help save them. We reflect on what could prove to be a pivotal time for this perilously rare summer visitor and British breeding bird.

    Earlier this month, one of our most threatened birds, the turtle dove, gained a new …

    • 27 Jun 2018
  • Farming for turtle doves in Essex

    Photo: Martin Smith, by Sam Lee (RSPB)


    Burnham Wick Farm is a medium-sized arable farm. Since Martin Smith took over its management in 2003, he has worked hard to develop a thriving arable environment, whilst promoting habitat diversity. An appreciation of farmland wildlife and its coexistence alongside productive farming has clearly been a strong motivation for Martin’s work.


    In recognition of his achievements…

    • 13 Jun 2018
  • A future for turtle doves as Springwatch stars?

    As I watched the first week of BBC Springwatch last month (is it June already?!), it was impossible not to marvel at the technical and cultural achievement of the series' producers in painting this intimate portrait of our native wildlife. Familiar recurring characters the blue tits and wrens sit alongside new cast members like the leverets (young hares) and little owl on our TV screens, while the perennially engaging…

    • 4 Jun 2018