• #SnettsHide update - ever closer to our target

    We had some wonderful news last week, a community trust has pledged another £5,000 to Rebuild Snettisham Hide which takes us ever closer to raising the money we need to rebuild the hides we lost in the 2013 storm surge.

    Since crowdfunding closed we have also received many personal cheques from people who heard about the appeal after the crowdfunding appeal ended. We are so grateful to everybody that has donated…

    • 28 Sep 2017
  • Nature Wow!

    Author: Emily Kench. This piece originally appeared in the Eastern Daily Press on 19 August 2017.

    All nature has a ‘wow factor’. Everything from the emergence of dragonflies from deep within the darkest pond water, to the swifts that eat and sleep in the air, to the intricate underground labyrinths of rabbits, constructed for their huge families – every obscurity and complexity amazes.

    However, it…

    • 7 Sep 2017