• Let the garden put a spring in your step

    Written by Emily Kench. This blog post originally appeared as a feature in the Suffolk Magazine in the April issue 2017.

    Spring: that glorious time of the year where we draw back the curtains, fling open the windows and once again turn our gardens into a multifunctional seasonal living room, dining room and playroom. A ‘room’ we must tend to when preparing for the lazy alfresco morning coffee, the long scone-consuming…

    • 31 Mar 2017
  • Bug bungalows and bee bistros

    Author: Emily Kench

    Warm summer days, alfresco living, bees buzzing on the flowers, beetles crawling across the lawn... The scene in gardens up and down the country. Yet, if like me you reside in a terraced townhouse in the city, you may lack the confidence to recreate this vision in your own concrete jungle.

    Photo credit:  Jesper Mattias

    Photo credit: Eleanor Bentall

    My own patch of paving meets the concrete…

    • 23 Mar 2017
  • Volunteers needed to help save rare seabird

    Author: Emily Kench

    One of the UK’s rarest seabirds, the little tern has suffered serious declines over the past 25 years. The tiny chattering birds travel a 6,000 mile round trip each year to breed on the beaches of the British Isles, but their numbers have been declining as they struggle to find safe beaches to nest and feed their young, free from predators and human disturbance.

    The East Anglian coast is home…

    • 13 Mar 2017