• Winter Walks Series: Wallasea Island

    If a walk in the wilderness is what you're looking for this winter, the Wallasea Island Wild Coast project will give you just that.

    Wallasea Island Wild Coast Project is a collaboration with Crossrail to combat the threats from climate change and coastal flooding by recreating the ancient wetland landscape of mudflats and saltmarsh, lagoons and pasture. With 101 pairs of breeding avocets this year, RSPB Wallasea Island…

    • 28 Dec 2016
  • Winter Walks Series: Strumpshaw Fen

    A firm favourite with families and wildlife enthusiasts alike, RSPB Strumpshaw Fen nestled in the broads and part of the Mid-Yare National Nature Reserve has an array of fascinating wildlife and plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy.

    Walk around the reedbeds, woodlands and meadows, look out for shy wetland species including the resident bitterns and bearded tits, or the distinctive blue flash of a kingfisher hunting…

    • 21 Dec 2016
  • We can all make room for nature in our gardens

    Are you a ‘tidy it to within an inch of its life and then I won’t have to think about it again until spring’, or a ‘leave it completely alone and never venture into it except to walk down the path to the car’ type of person when it comes to your garden in the winter? Hopefully most of us are somewhere in between, doing a bit for wildlife and storing up our rewards as gardeners for next season too. There’s always a little…

    • 19 Dec 2016
  • Winter Walks Series: Minsmere

    Our upcoming blogs will highlight a series of walks, perfect for a nice winters day in the Eastern Region

    If you're looking for an easy stroll or a walk that everyone in the family will be up for, then Minsmere nature reserve is for you. Made famous due to its appearances on Springwatch, Minsmere has a vast array of species to see throughout the year. There is a choice of three short circular trails to choose from…

    • 14 Dec 2016