• The Big Birdwatch

    Author: Clare Whitelegg, edited by Emily McParland

    “What’s your favourite bird?” This is a question Clare Whitelegg, our Schools Outreach Officer, is regularly asked by school pupils. It’s a tough question, but as part of the ‘Big Schools' Birdwatch’ sessions we've been running in local schools this term, many children are discovering their favourite bird for the first time.…

    • 26 Nov 2016
  • Winter Robin Fun Run

    Author: Martin Rendle, edited by Emily McParland

    Santa runs may be a common sight at this time of year, however at the RSPB we want to celebrate the festive season with Britain's favourite bird instead, the robin.

    The RSPB have launched the first annual Winter Robin Fun Run, to be held in the beautiful Norfolk Broads. We want to put the 'fun' into fun run, so whole families are welcome and actively encouraged…

    • 14 Nov 2016
  • Pink-footed teamwork

    Author: Carrie Carey

    Over a thousand miles to the north of Britain lies a sparsely populated island in the north Atlantic Ocean. Forged from the Ice Age, the landscape is a mixture of jagged ravines, hot springs and roaring rivers. Glacial ridges contrast with black volcanic beaches and at first sight this formidable terrain might seem to have little to offer wildlife, but here amongst Iceland’s highlands and lowlands…

    • 7 Nov 2016
  • The New Disneyworld of Wildlife

    Author: Rachael Murray

    The Suffolk coast is famed for its winter wildlife wonderlands. It’s a well trodden route for nature enthusiasts the world over and famed for the part it plays in the protection of so many special species. Chris Packham once famously called Suffolk Coast nature reserve, RSPB Minsmere, the ‘Disneyworld of wildlife’. I can only imagine he meant Disneyworld, Paris, because stroll…

    • 5 Nov 2016