• Operation Wild Times

    Blogger: Adam Murray, Communications Officer

    So where do you even start! I have a packed week, sleepless nights and a walled south facing garden that is screaming out to be loved. Like a toddler, our garden can get unruly if you do not pay attention to it. So where do you go for advice to control your unruly child/garden? Like parenting, you can turn to How To books, ask your own wise parents and even your friends and…

    • 1 Jul 2014
  • Wish Lists and Destruction #OperationWildTimes

    Blogger: Adam Murray, Communications Officer

    Things are hotting up. Next step is looking at what you have in your garden and what you would like to keep and what would be on your new wish list of goodies.

    Phase 2: Embrace the wildlife and removing the not very [wildlife] friendly stuff

    □     Design your unique garden

    □     Remove the non-native shrubs

    □     Remove gravel and some concrete to improve drainage and stop my 3 year…

    • 4 Jul 2014
  • Getting Dirty and Creative #OperationWildTimes

    Blogger: Adam Murray, Communications Officer

    If I had been lead to believe what I was told at school and that all I could have a job in conservation was as a scuba diving marine biologist or jungle living monkey lover (tried a bit of both – leeches and seasickness scuppered both) then I would have given up ages ago. I am a font geek/brand checking/queue watching/pop-up cafe loving conservationist. Not only that but at…

    • 7 Jul 2014
  • Parade of Plants #OperationWildTimes

    Blogger: Adam Murray, Communications Officer

    Did you enjoy this year’s Hampton Court Flower Show (my 10 year old self would never thought I would be saying that)? Some top plants there and a bit of plant envy on my behalf. Which were your favourites? It is great to see such a variety of plants from around the world, inspiring the designs. I particularly liked A Space to Connect & Grow, Hedgehog Street  and the…

    • 14 Jul 2014
  • Going hard(landscaping) & finally Giving Nature a Home #Operation Wild Times

    Blogger: Adam Murray

    Hard Landscaping – bringing in the big guns

    I don’t know about you but the 1980s was never a good decade for fashion. I am sorry cool kids with your high waist jeans, stone-washed denim and patterned leggings – it was never cool. The same goes for technicolour paving slabs. I know that I will probably look back at this blog post in 10 years time and think the same about my contemporary-meets…

    • 29 Jul 2014