• Dove stepping up for nature

    Bloggers: Jonny Rankin & Tristan Reid

    Editors note: I love a story about wildlife heroes, and this one is up there as one of my favourites.  Read on to hear how four wildlife heroes are upping their game for nature!

    Here's Jonny

    Some RSPB members may have noticed the following mention in this weeks news on the RSPB website; Concerned bird lovers have stepped up to help out Operation Turtle DoveA group of…

    • 28 Dec 2013
  • A partridge in a pear tree

    Blogger: Rachael Murray, Communications Officer

    The Twelve Days of Christmas is a song that echoes throughout the UK during the festive period, and whilst we all get a bit confused about how many drummers are drumming, maids are a-milking and geese are a-laying, everyone is clear on the star of the show - a partridge in a pear tree.  

    On Christmas Day it seems fitting to explore the origin of the final true love's gift…

    • 25 Dec 2013
  • Ah ah ah ah Stayin' alive, stayin' alive

    Blogger: Erica Auger, Communications Manager

    For me, Christmas time seems to revolve around one rather important thing. Food! It is at the heart of our family get togethers, it’s what my friends and I gossip over and we do tend to overindulge a little tiny bit! It’s almost the complete opposite for our feathered friends and garden wildlife who need all the help they can get to stay full up this winter time. We can do…

    • 23 Dec 2013
  • Connecting people with nature across the globe

    Blogger: Sarah Green, Project Co-ordinator - Natura People Partnership

    October 2013 saw another Natura People partner meeting.  The meeting was held near Lake Grevelingen at Renesse in the Netherlands and attended by representatives from all partners – the RSPB, Provincie West-Vlaanderen in Belgium, Provincie Zeeland in the Netherlands and Natuur-en Recreatieschap de Grevelingen in the Netherlands.

    Photo credit…

    • 20 Dec 2013
  • Make 2014 your year for volunteering!

    Blogger: Rachael Murray

    As the New Year approaches, I can already feel that annual urge come upon me.  You know the one, the need to ‘take stock’, that growing list parked in a corner of your mind, or idly scribbled on a scrap of paper as you watch TV after another turkey based meal. The wish list of things you hope the forthcoming 12 months may have in store.

    Often these aspiration inventories include…

    • 17 Dec 2013
  • Christmas is coming!

    Blogger: Sarah Green

    Stuck for Christmas ideas?  Finding the shopping season a bit much and feel a need to get away from it all?

    Why not support wildlife in the East through supporting RSPB Minsmere’s corporate members? 

    Tala is a long established kitchenware brand selling pretty vintage style equipment for all your baking, icing and preserving needs (and probably more besides!).  Tala goods are stocked in loads…

    • 13 Dec 2013
  • Reflections on the East Coast storm surge

    Blogger: Steve Rowland, Public Affairs Manager for RSPB Eastern England

    It’s now six days since the biggest surge tide to hit the East coast in 60 years. I’ve lived by the sea in North West Norfolk for 16 years, and every autumn / winter when there are spring tides I've looked at the weather forecast for those classic indicators of a storm surge; low pressure, a North West wind and big tides. There have been times over…

    • 11 Dec 2013