• A Great Escape for children and adults alike - by Laura Harpham, Public Affairs Officer

    I was lucky enough to go to a village school. There were only 6 children in my year and we had two classrooms; one for the Infants and one for the Juniors. We lived in the village down the road and on warm summer days we would walk the two miles to school through the fields. I’m not painting a picture of a Victorian idyll here; I left primary school in 1999. Connection to nature was a part of my daily life; I’ve grown…

    • 26 Feb 2013
  • 75% of the UK is farmed. We want to give recognition to nature's farming heroes with the Nature of Farming Awards

    Here's a blog from Heather about how we work with farmers to make the most of their land for wildlife..

    or you can watch this video to get a glimpse into Wildlife Friendly Farming


    • 19 Feb 2013
  • Why I love Copenhagan

    That’s it – I'm going to to learn Danish. On a sliding scale, how easy do you think that will be? I gave it some thought last night and noted the pros and cons.

    Amongst the pros:

    1)    some Danish words sound remarkably like our own; mor means mum.

    2)    the Danish language seems to have musicality; we say, ‘see you later’, Danes say ‘hi, hi’.

    3)    I did quite well at languages at school…

    • 16 Feb 2013
  • Welcome to The Bell House Hotel!

    Hot on the heels of last week’s announcement about our second corporate member I am pleased to announce that The Bell House Hotel have also joined us!

    The Bell House Hotel is located in Saxmundham, about 8 miles from Minsmere.  It’s an old coaching inn that once hosted royalty!  In 1737 King George II stayed at the hotel.  The historic surroundings are complemented by modern food and service.  Each boutique room…

    • 13 Feb 2013
  • Good News! Minsmere has a new corporate sponsor.

    Welcome Riverside Beef!

    Riverside Beef are the newest corporate supporters of Minsmere!

    Run by Jon Reeves, Riverside Beef grazes cattle on riverside pastures and water meadows across East Anglia.  Riverside Beef have a strong tradition of supporting conservation – in large part due to Jon’s role as site manager of the RSPB’s Ouse Washes reserve!

    Image by Jon Reeves

    Jon has a long standing interest in…

    • 8 Feb 2013
  • Naaarrfolk and lovin' it!

    I’ve read all the jokes, heard all the parody songs and seen all of the comedy sketches. People love to make fun of us East Anglians! My teachers used to say that people who take the mickey out of you are simply jealous, and I can certainly believe that. I would envy people who lived here if I didn’t myself.  Although, with over 70% of the land in East Anglia farmed, I can understand how we are easy targets…

    • 6 Feb 2013
  • Stepping Up For Nature: February Steps. How many steps will you take?


    Submit Big Garden Birdwatch and Big (and Little) Schools Birdwatch results & put up a nestbox.

    Did you know February 14th is the start of National Nestbox Week? Check out your local reserve to see what's on in your area.


    Join the RSPB and make a small, regular donation to help us plan for  future richer in wildlife.

    Join before the end of March and receive this nestbox as a welcome gift. Perfect…

    • 4 Feb 2013
  • I hope you will Vote for Nature, Mr Cameron - by Kim Matthews, Campaigns Officer

    Hope is a small word, yet one which carries huge meaning: nothing less than our dreams and aspirations for the kind of life we want to lead and the kind of world we want to live in.

    Hope is also the name of a farm in Cambridgeshire where the RSPB puts into practice what it preaches about wildlife-friendly farming.  Here, on 181 hectares of prime arable land, we have not only increased our crop yields but we’ve also seen…

    • 1 Feb 2013