• Ash trees – the silent victim

    The countryside may be awash with crimson red and burnt orange, but a sinister force is creating a dark cloud over Autumn in the UK.

    Chalara fraxinea (try pronouncing that after a glass of red wine!) is a disease that has decimated Ash tree species throughout Northern Europe, already affecting over 90% of Ash trees in Denmark and Sweden and is present as far as Belgium.

    Until recently the UK was unaffected, but it now…

    • 30 Oct 2012
  • A Volunteer’s View: A Deer Safari at Minsmere

    Carol Miller, Community Fundraising Volunteer

    In the early morning mist of mid-October, I set off for my pre-booked 90 minute Red Deer Safari. As I waited for the start of the safari outside the visitor centre, I watched various birds visiting the bird feeders including long tailed tits, great tits, and blue tits. A jay was flying around the trees nearby and a squirrel scurried along the path, stopped in front of me…

    • 23 Oct 2012
  • Green is the new Black

    Blogger: Kim Matthews, Campaigns Officer

    So yesterday was a big day for me.  Aside from having just about recovered from the lurgy-from-hell that has been sweeping through our office like a viral tsunami, I jumped on an eye-wateringly early (for me!) train to London to take part in my first ever guerrilla marketing action.

    Ok so that makes it sound like I was donning camouflage gear and undertaking some James Bond-l…

    • 19 Oct 2012
  • Telling the difference between the Full Monty and a Hen

    Blogger: Alex Cooper, Conservation Officer

    It’s not often you get the opportunity to see Britain’s rarest bird of prey. So when some friends said they were going to watch a pair near where they lived and asked if I wanted to come along I jumped at the opportunity.

    Part of the reason Montagu’s harriers have never been common in the UK is because they are on the northern edge of their range. Along with other…

    • 17 Oct 2012
  • Computer says 'No'....

    Blogger - Aggie Rothon

    I’ve been on the phone for thirty minutes. At some point between last Thursday and today my computer has taken one of my files, chewed it up and spat it out, but without telling me why. I don’t understand what caused this sudden rage and neither it seems does the IT consultant that I have phoned, hoping that she will be able to mediate the virtual conversation I am struggling to hold. Unfortunately…

    • 15 Oct 2012
  • Rainforests in the East - Diary Post #5: Did you see Avatar?

    Blogger: Niki Williamson, Fenland farmland bird recover officer at Ouse Washes.

    The final blog in the series of rainforest stories inspiring people  around the Together for Trees campaign comes from Borneo.  To date Together for Trees bucket collections have raised £ 52,000 nationally, the East have relieved £9,990.43 so far. A HUGE thank you to staff who have taken part in collections, telemarketing and wonderful rainforest…

    • 8 Oct 2012
  • RSPB Birthday

    Blogger: Sarah Green, Project Coordinator - Natura People Partnership Project

    This week marks my 2 year anniversary with the RSPB.


    2 years.

    It doesn’t feel that long, yet I think I’ve seen and done a lot in this period.

    Working on the Natura People project I have had the privilege to visit Minsmere regularly as well as work with some great partners on the continent and see their sites – …

    • 4 Oct 2012
  • Together for Trees.

    Blogger - Lili Kumar

    Together for Trees is the RSPB’s partnership with Tesco. Together, we can use their influence to educate, inspire and help people and business to embrace a more sustainable way of living and working for the future.

    Tesco has been independently acknowledged by the Carbon Disclosure Project as being the UK’s leading business for its work on climate change.

    In September, Tesco gave us…

    • 3 Oct 2012
  • Where have all the bugs gone?

    Blogger: Aggie Rothon, Communications Officer

    It’s suddenly gone cold hasn’t it? It only seems like yesterday that we were rushing outside in shorts and t-shirts but now the mornings have that smoky grey autumnal quality and the evenings have a bite to them. I rather like it, being fond of the mellow, fecund months before December’s festive rush.

    Last week I cut back some of the summer’s excess stalks…

    • 1 Oct 2012
  • Poetry in Motion - Breaking News!

    The RSPB and The Rialto are thrilled to announced today the winner of their first ever poetry competition as Pat Winslow with her poem entitled, 'East Sabino Sunrise Circle – the visit'.

    The entries came in from all over the world, astounding the RSPB and The Rialto in their quest to pick a winner. In total 3778 poems were received from 18 countries.

     Pat Winslow said: “I’m absolutely delighted to have…

    • 1 Oct 2012