• What's so special about a line of ants?

    This week has been National Insect Week! It doesn’t mean that all the insects in your garden gather at the local pub for a drink and put the world to rights. But It means that we get the opportunity to celebrate all those creepy crawlies, bugs and butterflies that often get neglected when we swoon over the wonderful wildlife of the UK. The good folk at the RSPB in the East put on a series of fun, interesting events…

    • 30 Jun 2012
  • A room with a view - urban birding from my window

    Blogger: Gena Correale Wardle, Community Fundraising Officer

    I’ve recently moved house and now live at the top of a hill overlooking some of Norwich’s most iconic places. From my bedroom window I can now see the magnificent spire of Norwich Cathedral, home to the Norwich peregrines who had two chicks fledge recently. To the left I can see Carrow Road football ground, home of the canaries, Norwich City Football Club who…

    • 26 Jun 2012
  • I feel glad

    Blogger: Anna Sadler, Volunteering Development Officer

    The Volunteer & Farmer Alliance (V&FA) provides farmers with a free farmland bird survey, undertaken by trained and sympathetic RSPB volunteers. Along with their results, the farmers are encouraged to seek further advice and put into place specific management for farmland birds. Through this, they experience positive contact, generate trust and build working relationships…

    • 25 Jun 2012
  • I want to ride my bicycle!

    This is my new bike!

    Now, for those of you who know me well, this is not the kind of bike i usually ride! My current bike is carbon, has blue tyres and cost the same amount as a small car! But this is my new favourite. Yes it has rust, yes it’s heavier than a bus, and yes, it needs a lot of TLC, but it is truly beautiful! For Bike To Work Week this week, our office has been remarkable in it’s efforts to change our…

    • 22 Jun 2012
  • Our Bikers Breakfast by The GREEN TEAM

    Blogger: Jane Warren, Green Team Representative

    I have a lot of affection for my first bike. It was red, my brother’s was identical, but blue. We spent long summer days cycling round the Norfolk countryside, or so I remember. Come adolescence, the bike got parked in the shed. It wasn’t till I was at uni a few years later that I rediscovered the joys of cycling. A touring bike with drop handlebars that one summer took…

    • 22 Jun 2012
  • I've just seen something amazing


    I've just been for a very wet walk. It didn't rain, although it certainly did this morning; the heart-shaped petals of the dog-rose that dot the hedgerows have been battered by the heavy raindrops and are now stuck to the roads and tracks like thin scraps of crepe paper. No, it wasn't the rain that soaked me but the huge swathes of grass; the deep purple seeds of yorkshire fog and the furry meadow foxtail that…

    • 21 Jun 2012
  • 16 hours 38 minutes and 20 seconds

    Blogger: Adam Murray, Communications Officer

    This year’s Summer Solstice happens today, June 20 at 11:09pm. It notes the longest day of the year and the first day of Summer.

    "The date has had spiritual significance for thousands of years as humans have been amazed by the great power of the sun. The Celts celebrated with bonfires that would add to the sun's energy, Christians placed the feast of St John the Baptist…

    • 20 Jun 2012
  • Lovely Jubilee!

    Blogger: Erica Howe, Communications Officer

    I was swiftly bumped back down to reality last week with the post bank-holiday blues as I sat at my computer watching the emails slowly clogging up. The grey Wednesday morning drizzle wasn’t doing too much to lift my spirits and i was already wondering when i could watch a repeat of the Jubilee concert  to get me back into the party mood. After all, it was quite the celebratory…

    • 19 Jun 2012
  • On yer bike mate AKA The life and times of Adam & his E.T

    Blogger: Adam Murray, Communications Officer

    I am a 70s baby, early 80s child (as the song goes) and I am getting very nostalgic at the moment what with reminiscing about the 1977 Silver Jubilee and collecting Ebay He-man and Ghostbusters figures for my 18 month old son. I am also looking into buying him his first tricycle and it took me back to 1983 and the struggles of learning to ride my bike (with stabilisers), my…

    • 15 Jun 2012
  • We could be heroes ...

    Blogger: Kate Blincoe - Communications Manager

    Slugs keep eating my sunflowers, weeds grow as fast as I can pull them, and watering my thirsty sweet peas keeps emptying my water butt. After an hour or two of gardening, it is definitely time for a sit down and a glass of wine.

    Making my handkerchief-sized patch into a pleasant place for my family and a haven for wildlife can be a labour of love at times. Blending the…

    • 13 Jun 2012
  • They don't call us the Royal Society for nothing

    Blogger: Adam Murray, Communications Officer

    I was in two minds about blogging something for the jubilee weekend because if your family is anything like mine you have staunch republicans (like my Dad) and then memories of my granddad standing and saluting at the Queen and the national anthem.

    Then I thought regardless of the fact that the “R” in RSPB shows our historic connections to Liz & Phil, we all like a good…

    • 1 Jun 2012