• Perfect partners in a GREAT British Day Out

    Blogger: Adam Murray, Communications Officer

    What makes the perfect partner? Now do not fret I am not going to get all gushy about how great my wife is, my better half, the wind beneath my wings, the Ying to my Yang. This month on our blog we have been looking at partnerships and it got me thinking about this question of the perfect partner.

    Some of the answers came to me on a blustery weekend walk with my Little Chief…

    • 30 Apr 2012
  • Hintlesham OakeyDoke Awards After-show Party

    Blogger: Kim Matthews, Campaigns Officer

    Hello and welcome to the Hintlesham OakeyDoke Awards after-show party.   The bubbly is flowing and the nibbles are being passed around as we celebrate our winners...


    What’s that?...

    You missed the OakeyDoke awards?!

    Goodness me, Stephen Fry will be devastated!  Oh ok, so he wasn’t actually there, but it was still packed with stars and celebrities...of the woodland…

    • 25 Apr 2012
  • Poetry competition attracts global interest

    Blogger: Erica Howe, Communications Officer

    The RSPB encourages people around the world to get creative...

    There is less than two weeks left to enter the first ever RSPB poetry competition and the interest so far has come from all around the globe. As Europe’s largest conservation charity we have been encouraging nature lovers and budding poets to wax lyrical about wildlife, enthuse about the environment and gush…

    • 24 Apr 2012
  • Time to phone a friend

    Blogger: Kate Blincoe, Communications Manager

    What would be your Mastermind specialist subject? Like a party trick (I can twist my arm round 360 degrees), everyone should have one. I think my specialist subject would have to be Thomas the Tank Engine. I’ve studied his life, friends and various escapades in detail over the last few years. However, I have to admit, my young son is arguably more knowledgeable than me. If…

    • 23 Apr 2012
  • THE GREEN POST: Down hoses for wildlife!

    Blogger: Jane Warren, RSPB in the East Green Team Member

    Editor's Note: Your next monthly posting from our fab Green Team - who keep us on our green toes (or should that be green fingers?)

    I came back to Norfolk four years ago after a 15-year stint in Australia, which is often described as the driest inhabited continent on earth. Living with drought conditions was a normal part of everyday life where I lived in…

    • 23 Apr 2012
  • RSPB announces plans for a wind turbine at its HQ

    Blogger: Erica Howe, Communications Officer

    It feels almost paradoxical that something so clinical in appearance, so streamlined and architectural can evoke such strong emotions.  But, I suppose that’s to be expected when a feature as bold as a wind turbine appears in our landscape. I call it the Grand Design effect!

    It’s the TV show that I tune into every week, whilst eating my tea (shamefully on my lap most…

    • 20 Apr 2012
  • A bridge too far?

    Blogger: Alex Cooper, Conservation Officer

    Editor’s Note

    When thinking about how we impact on the natural world sometimes it is worth taking a step outside our normal everyday life and seeing what else is out there. You will be surprised what some people are up to. Alex’s post looks at that bigger picture in the Thames Estuary.

    The government is set to look into the case for a Lower Thames Crossing to…

    • 19 Apr 2012
  • What's it all about...David?

    Blogger: Kate Blincoe, Communications Manager

    Dear David,

    The world of politics moves fast. One minute you’re playing badminton in your suit, the next you are making decisions that impact on generations as yet unborn. No wonder you politicians don’t always get it right.

    In recent weeks, the government has upset pasty eaters, drivers and grannies. We’re hoping you don’t add hundreds of thousands of wildfowl…

    • 18 Apr 2012
  • She says there's moths out there...

    Blogger: Amy Crossley, Conservation Officer

    That's what my sister passed on to my parents one early summer weekend morning to explain why the door to our beachfront bungalow was wide open, welcoming a crisp breeze (and rude awakening) into their bedroom. I would have explained this to them to myself had I not been so engrossed at the time in marvelling at the latest specimens that were clinging to the white walls of…

    • 17 Apr 2012
  • Another year older and another year ... more terrified!

    Blogger - Erica Howe: Communications Officer, RSPB

    I’m going to let you into a secret. It was my birthday on Saturday. I suppose it’s not really a secret at all, not with the world of social media. I don’t think that there are many things that you can keep under your hat nowadays.

    I’m not going to tell you how old I was on my birthday, but needless to say, with each year I become increasingly more…

    • 16 Apr 2012
  • The cost of windfarms (subsidies, tax payers money, efficiency)

    We’ve made the case as to why wind power needs to play an important role in the future along with other sources of renewable energy, but can we afford it?

    How much is renewable energy really costing us and is it a price worth paying?

    Find out more from Emily's climate change blog post here.

    • 11 Apr 2012
  • Does the UK need wind power to meet its climate targets?

    A popular question that we often get asked and I’m afraid the answer isn’t a simple one. The truth is, the UK probably could reach its climate targets without wind power but it would come at a higher financial and environmental cost. It would also take a lot longer.

    Find out more here.

    • 11 Apr 2012
  • Wind power and birds

    To continue our 'wind week', we deal with one question that is top of mind for a conservation charity such as the RSPB - what are the impacts of wind power on birds?  There has been a variety of press on this topic in recent years,  our climate change blog gets to the bottom of the issues here.

    • 9 Apr 2012
  • RSPB Wind Week

    Wind power is in the news more and more, and the issue has never been so emotive. The RSPB considers that there is an important role for wind power to play on the land and at sea because it offers a low carbon source of electricity. We believe, however, that windfarms must be sited and designed so that they are in harmony with nature and do not cause unacceptable impacts. For the next week we’ll be pointing you towards…

    • 8 Apr 2012
  • A Falling Star

    Blogger: Kate Blincoe, Communications Manager

    The number crunching has been done and the eagerly awaited results have been announced. The nation wants to know what it means to them. No, not the budget! I mean the annual stock take of our birds; the results of Big Garden Birdwatch 2012 are just out!

    The weather has been particularly unusual so far this year, so we were interested to see how this has impacted on the results…

    • 2 Apr 2012
  • How to look good naked in the great outdoors

    Blogger: Erica Howe, Communications Officer

    The largest conservation organisation in Europe is today launching a plea for keen birdwatchers to take part in a rather unusual project.

    For its 2013 calendar, the RSPB is looking for bearded birdwatchers to take part in a photo shoot around the East of England.

    But there’s a catch. They are to pose with nothing more than their binoculars, strategically placed, to raise…

    • 1 Apr 2012